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Web Design

Redesign a current site

A redesign will take take 2-4 weeks to complete and requires no downtime for the old site.

Once the design aspects are completed the new design will be migrated to your domain. This ensures zero downtime. A boost in Google rankings will be seen after 2-3 weeks.

NZ$1000 +

Designing A New Site

A new site offers a blank slate to really push the latest trends, designs and best practices.

The challenges are related to ranking on Google, new sites in competitive industries (usually services) can take 12 months or more to get on the first page. E-Commerce usually responds quicker as do niche industries.

NZ$2000 +


Custom built stores using WooCommerce over Wordpress. This setup is open source and takes no commissions or monthly fees.

Merchant integration is included using Stripe (2.9% fee).

NZ$3000 +

Promo / Sales Pages

Specific landing pages are used to direct traffic to sales & promotions via AdWords, Billboards etc.

Higher conversions are achieved when a sales ad matches the sales page vs directing a sales ad to a home page.

NZ$300 + 

NZ  made

We design & host in house. All designs are optimised using the latest best practices.
website audit report shown in macbook

SEO As Standard

New websites are search engine optimised to the latest industry best practices.

Fast Website Loading

Local high spec servers over a CDN offer the fastest page speed; this improves user experience leading to higher conversions.

The target is for a web page to load in under 3 seconds.

2nd website design example shown in macbook
example client website shown in iPhone

Mobile Optimised

Mobile renders use a seperate template to better suit a smaller screen.

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